Do I Have A Gopher Problem On My Ontario Property?

July 17, 2021

Gophers look cute and cuddly, but this furrowing rodent can cause a lot of issues that homeowners will want to avoid. Though small, gophers are solitary and territorial mammals. This means that you will very rarely get more than one per acre, however, in that small amount of space, they can do a fair amount of damage, digging up to 10-30 mounds of dirt per month. Gophers are so powerful that they can eat through anything from stems to roots to vegetables to utility lines. 

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Identifying A Gopher

Gophers are identified immediately by being kind of cute. They’re stout rodents with pudgy cheeks and measure 6-8” long. They’re furry, have large paws with claws, and short, hairy tails. With their little whiskers and tiny ears, gophers are certainly an inconspicuous pest. Though they are rarely seen above ground, if you have signs of a mound or tunnel on your property and have actually spotted a furry animal, you most likely have the presence of a gopher. 

What Attracts Gophers To Your Home

Gophers see a nice garden, well-kept lawn, or farm and look for good soil to dig tunnels. These spaces give gophers ample opportunities to build extensive runways below ground, tunneling around in search of food. Gophers will stay put once they’ve found cool, moist, healthy dirt. It’s like their playground. They are strict herbivores though shifting seasonally according to what’s available to them. 

Preventing A Gopher Issue

Because the presence of gophers can lead to issues with other pests, homeowners should swiftly deal with them. There are several natural tips aimed at preventing their presence that homeowner’s with rich soil should consider implementing before a gopher actually appears:

  • Consider growing plants with natural gopher-repellent properties such as salvia, catmint, oleander, lavender, rosemary, natal plum, and strawberries. You’ll have a garden in Ontario as well as a gopher-free home.

  • If you have a vegetable garden or plant lots of flowers, try digging a trench around the plot and bury a wire mesh screen, which should prevent a gopher from burrowing.

  • A less natural, but very effective way to prevent the presence of gophers and other rodents is by places a battery or solar-powered ultrasonic emitter in your yard, which should keep furry pests at bay. These devices create and emit vibrations small enough for humans to miss but strong enough to scare away these pests.

What Happens If Your Have Gophers

Due to a gopher’s territorial nature, they may be hard to boot from your Ontario property, but this is a necessary process. Here are a few ways to handle what happens when a gopher moves in on your land:

  • Gopher repellents are considered a humane method of removal, things like castor oil, peppermint oil, and fabric softener all have properties that push gophers away. 

  • Chemical treatments utilize a toxic chemical like zinc phosphide that isn’t poisonous but should be enough to repel a gopher from their hole on your property.

  • Live traps are considered to be the most effective way to remove gophers from your lawn and they’re also one of the least involved forms of removal.

Though cute, gophers need to go. The best way to get rid of them from your Ontario home is with professional assistance from EarlyBird Extermination. Call the team today for a plan and ongoing support for your gopher infestation

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