Four Easy Ways To Keep Spiders Out Of Your Ontario Home

June 15, 2021

Spiders have been invading human homes for... well, as long as human homes have been around. They are attracted by the existing pest populations that hide around our properties. To avoid one, you have to take care of the other, which is why every homeowner should learn ways to keep bugs out.

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Local Spiders & Why They Enter Homes

Typical house spiders are often harmless creatures that will flee from people rather than become aggressive. However, all spiders have venom and fangs that they can use to bite people. While only a couple of species have potent enough venom to cause anything worse than an itchy welt on the skin, no spiders are good to have around your property. If you’re seeing them around, it likely means that other bugs are already there. Spiders are drawn in to hunt these pests, not because they need the food and shelter that human properties provide. Their prey, on the other hand, can be attracted by a number of factors and all pests are good at hiding until the problem is so big that it’s harder to solve. That’s why it’s better to keep up on overall pest prevention than it is to react to problems only as they arise.

Four Spider Prevention Tips

Because spiders are attracted by other pests, you need to not only address the ways that spiders themselves get inside, but also the factors that encourage other pest infestations. Here are four tips to help you accomplish this:

  1. Food Storage: Spiders aren’t attracted by sugary aromas or food traces, but they know that the insects they feed on will be found in areas where food is around to scavenge. That’s why general food storage and deep cleaning -- especially in hard-to-reach corners of your home -- are essential pest and spider control steps.
  2. Trash Storage: You also need to make sure that your trash isn’t left out or easily accessible. Open containers or food waste that’s left around will attract pests, which in turn attracts spiders.
  3. Moisture Control: It’s important to reduce moisture buildup inside and around your home. Not only are pests attracted by water, the damage that buildup can cause will also open routes for spiders and other pests to get inside.
  4. Crack Sealing: Speaking of ways pests get inside, you should regularly check your exterior walls for cracks or holes. Pests can squeeze through impossibly tiny spaces to gain access to your interior. Once they do, spiders aren’t far behind.

The Best Spider Control From Earlybird Extermination

Only experts can make sure you’re properly addressing those factors, and a thorough inspection by trained professionals can make sure no other attractants around your property are hurting your chances of avoiding an infestation. At Earlybird Extermination, we not only get rid of existing pests, but we also help stay on top of the myriad ways that pests can invade your home. Our proven exterior treatments ward off spiders and the insects they hunt, and our safe and effective elimination is the only guaranteed way to eliminate every pest and egg sac that contributes to an infestation. Store-bought products can contain dangerous chemicals and trying to apply them yourself, without the benefit of knowing where pests tend to hide or how they got in, will only wind up costing you time and money without actually fixing the problem.

Don’t wait for spiders or other pests to become an obvious problem before you act. Call Earlybird Extermination so we can get started on an inspection of your home right away and craft a pest control plan that works for you. For true spider prevention, contact pest professionals today.

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