Here's How Bed Bugs Get Into Ontario Homes

March 15, 2021

When you think of bed bugs, you might imagine an unsanitary pest that is usually found in dirty or cluttered homes, but this depiction isn’t true. Bed bugs don’t just happen to dirty homes, they can infest nearly any living space, even one that is super clean. Bed bugs aren’t attracted to filth, and they don’t come inside in search of dirty environments.

bed bug infesting a bed frame

Instead, they are usually brought in from other places without homeowners even realizing it. This is why they are often referred to as hitchhiking pests.

While bed bugs aren’t known to spread disease, they do leave people with rows of annoying bites, and these bites can lead to secondary infection and insomnia. Even without significant health risks, it’s just unpleasant to have bed bugs living in your home and biting while you sleep.

So, to help you address the threat of bed bugs, this guide goes into the ways that bed bugs in Ontario, California get inside of homes and what you can do to prevent them.

What You Need To Know About Bed Bug “Hotspots”

One of the difficult things about preventing bed bugs is that they can be found almost anywhere. They can live on all kinds of upholstered items including furniture, beds, bedding, and even carpets and the inside of walls. This means you can pick them up at other people’s homes, in local business, or while traveling.

Bed bugs will hitchhike a ride onto things like luggage, purses, and backpacks, but they don’t live on our bodies. While they can be found nearly anywhere, certain places are known for having bed bugs and being hotspots.

These places include schools, laundromats, buses, hotels, and healthcare facilities.

While it can be difficult to prevent bed bugs from latching onto your items, you can do things like avoiding putting your luggage on the ground, keeping your laundry in a plastic bag, and checking hotels for signs of bed bugs.

Bed Bugs And Secondhand Items

The other way that bed bug infestations get started is by purchasing second-hand items and bringing them into your home. While mattresses often contain bed bugs, it’s not just bedding you have to worry about. They can also be found inside couches, chairs, and even appliances.

However, you can help prevent bed bugs by always inspecting these items before purchasing them. You should lookout for the following signs of bed bugs:

  • Rust-colored stains from bed bug droppings or bloodstains on upholstered furniture
  • Lines or clusters of bites
  • Discarded bed bug skins that are a yellowish color
  • Cream-colored eggshell pieces in appliances or on furniture

What’s The Best Way To Eliminate Bed Bugs?

The fact is that bed bugs are very hard to prevent because of how widespread they are and also because of their small size. And, once inside, removing an infestation on your own is nearly impossible. In order to keep the infestation from coming back, every single bed bug and egg needs to be destroyed, and this just isn’t possible with DIY methods.

The only effective way to handle both prevention and removal of bed bugs is by contacting the experts at EarlyBird Extermination. You can trust our over 25 years of experience providing residential and commercial bed bug control. Get started today and request a quote by contacting us at (909) 359-7126.

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