How To Keep Roaches Out Of Your Ontario Home For Good

April 15, 2022

If you want to know how to keep cockroaches away, you should be looking into proactive prevention tactics and professional Ontario pest control. Only the experts can help you eliminate an ongoing cockroach infestation and provide you with total relief from this unhygienic pest.

american cockroach along a basement wall

How To Identify Cockroaches In Ontario

There are several types of cockroaches in Ontario that you should be looking for. Proper identification of these different cockroaches helps you know what you are up against and exactly how to treat an infestation.

  • German Cockroaches: Smaller, typically light brown in color with two dark stripes on their back.
  • American Cockroaches: Medium-sized, reddish-brown to a light brown in color with a pale yellow band on their body.
  • Oriental Cockroaches: Larger, dark brown, or black in color, prefers moist areas.

If you need help with cockroach identification, the professionals at EarlyBird Extermination can assist you.

Why Are Cockroaches Dangerous?

Most people understand that cockroaches are highly undesirable, but many don’t know precisely how dangerous cockroaches can be. This pest routinely walks through unsanitary areas such as sewers, dumpsters, trash piles, and across organic waste. Cockroaches pick up bacteria and pathogens from these areas and subsequently track them into your house and across stored food as they scavenge.

You can contract several diseases from cockroaches, such as cholera, dysentery, gastroenteritis, listeriosis, and salmonellosis. This extreme health risk is why prompt elimination of a cockroach problem is essential.

Should You Call Pest Control To Get Rid Of Roaches?

While many individuals may invest in do-it-yourself (DIY) cockroach control products at the first sign of invasion, cockroach pest control in Ontario is more effective to combat this pest. The best way to kill cockroaches is to trust the experts at EarlyBird Extermination to evaluate your cockroach issue, and craft customized treatment plans. With the help of professionals, you should claim back your home from this pest and ensure that your property stays protected from future cockroach invasion.

So, don’t waste time on DIY treatment plans – reach out to cockroach pest control in Ontario and contact EarlyBird Extermination for the best way to kill cockroaches today.

How To Keep Roaches From Coming Back

A crucial part of understanding how to keep cockroaches away is putting into place prevention steps that stop them from infiltrating your home over and over again. You can follow the steps below to keep cockroaches out.

  • Refrain from leaving out dirty dishes, food and drink spills, and unprotected pet food around your home. Be sure to store all leftover food properly and discard food when it starts to spoil, as this decreases food items for cockroaches to scavenge.
  • Make sure to seal up trash tightly and dispose of waste promptly. Use trash cans with lids outdoors and refrain from leaving waste and clutter out around your home or yard.
  • Seal potential cockroach entry points around your home, such as gaps in windows, doors, and the foundation. Use door sweeps, weather stripping, and window and doors screens to keep this pest out.

And if you find that prevention tactics are not enough, the professionals at EarlyBird Extermination will be able to help you eliminate any active infestation you may be experiencing. Trust the experts and their effective cockroach control products to remove this pest entirely.

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