The Trick To Getting Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Ontario, CA Home

February 5, 2022

Hopefully, you've never had to deal with a bed bug infestation before. These parasitic insects are notoriously difficult to eliminate when they get into homes. They hitchhike between hotels, houses, and other commercial areas where lots of people are found. A bed bug infestation could happen to anybody, but getting rid of one is much more difficult. If you need some tips on bed bug control, you've come to the right place. In this post, we'll explain how to spot these sneaky insects and what to do if you start finding bed bugs in your Ontario home.

two bed bugs on a box spring

Can You See Bed Bugs In Your Ontario Home?

Bed bugs are very hard to find. These little parasites are only about the size of an apple seed. With flat, durable bodies, they bunch together in all manner of hard-to-reach places. Even after they've fed and become a slightly more noticeable swollen red, they find plenty of places to hide. Here are a few of their most common haunts:

  • Between the seams of mattresses, furniture, and boxsprings
  • Between cracks and crevices in walls, under loose wallpaper, and behind large appliances
  • Inside unused electrical outlets

These are only the most common examples. Due to their tiny size and flat bodies, bed bugs can squeeze into just about any potential hiding place. Also, be on the lookout for other signs of their presence, such as rows of itchy bites on your arms and legs, bloodstains on your sheets, and fecal droppings, molted shells, or egg casings around various secluded places in your home.

Are Bed Bugs In My Ontario Home Harmful For My Health?

Bed bugs are not especially dangerous unless you are allergic to their bites, but they can still be harmful in that they take a toll on one's mental wellbeing. Nobody wants to sleep on an infested mattress. Just knowing they're there is enough to induce insomnia at night and general anxiety in the day. They're so difficult to get rid of on your own that the threat of their return is always looming overhead. If you want to avoid all that unneeded stress, it's important to treat your home thoroughly and establish proven prevention measures immediately afterward.

How To Keep Bed Bugs In Ontario From Coming Back

Alongside ongoing professional guidance, there are some proven methods for bed bug prevention. Follow these steps and keep vigilant to ensure no blood-sucking bugs end up in your home ever again.

  • When traveling, inspect your hotel rooms thoroughly. Check under the sheets, in upholstered furniture, and around the corners of the room where the carpet meets the floor.
  • Never leave your luggage on the floor, bed, or on any furniture to ensure the hitchhikers have little opportunity to hide inside.
  • Don't risk buying any second-hand mattresses, bags, or furniture. Bed bugs often hitch rides on such items.
  • Clean and declutter regularly. Vacuum frequently and scrub between the seams of mattresses and furniture with hot, soapy water to ensure any eggs are eliminated.
  • Partner with a knowledgeable professional—Earlybird Extermination.

How To Get Rid Of Bed Bugs In Your Ontario Home, Fast!

These pervasive parasites are difficult enough to avoid and even more so to eliminate from your home. There are a few prevention measures you can take once you're sure your house is clean, but for the safest and most effective means of bed bug control, you should contact a professional for guidance. 

Reach out to Earlybird Extermination for a comprehensive treatment plan. We'll help you reclaim your home and mental health from these insidious insects and work with you to put in place protective measures to keep them out for good.

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